The Challenges

The Challenges You're Facing

You’ve had a positive test result. A doctor has confirmed it. You're pregnant. If a pregnancy was not in your immediate plans, your choices are not easy. Your decision will impact every part of your life and well-being. Consider this an opportunity, a turning point, not a crisis. 

Support from friends who care can make all the difference as you may face some of these challenges:

  • Fear that family members (if they find out) will lash out in anger, be deeply disappointed or retreat behind "I told you so.”
  • A boyfriend, lover, or even husband may not feel prepared for fatherhood.
  • There may be too much pressure and too little money.
  • Diaper changing may look like a poor substitute for a promising education or career.
  • Placing a baby for adoption after going through labour and delivery may seem unbearably emotional and painful.

What you don't need ... accusations, lectures, or simplistic advice to make a quick decision and “get on with life.”

What you do need ... kindness, caring and practical help. You have a right to know what your options are and what help is available. Ultimately, you will have to decide what choice you are willing to live with. No one else has the power to do this for you.

The Okanangan Valley Preganancy Care Centre is a safe place where trained peer counselors will help you explore your options. We will discuss information on parenting, adoption and abortion with you. We will help you sort through the issues, choices, and changes. We can talk with your partner and your family. We can refer you for professional counseling, medical care, and other community services.

You are not alone. We’re here to help. Others have been where you are and have made it through. You can do it too.