Post-abortion Recovery

Recent research is demonstrating that abortion can be responsible for at least some profound long-term emotional disturbances in a woman’s life. Post Abortion Stress is the term used to describe a woman’s inability to:
  • process the fear, anger, sadness and guilt surrounding her abortion experience
  • grieve the loss of her baby
  • come to peace with God, herself and others involved in the abortion decision.

Symptoms of Post Abortion Stress

  • guilt, anxiety, or psychological numbness
  • depression (unexplained feelings of sadness; sudden uncontrollable crying episodes; poor self-concept; sleep, appetite, or sexual problems; reduced motivation; conflicts in relationships; thoughts of suicide)
  • anniversary grief (on the anniversary date of the abortion or due date of the aborted child)
  • flashbacks of the abortion
  • preoccupation with becoming pregnant again or anxiety over fertility and childbearing issues
  • interruption of the bonding process with other children
  • survival guilt
  • eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, or other self-punishing or self-degrading behaviors
  • brief reactive psychosis

If your abortion is still on your mind and heart, no matter how long ago it took place, we would like to help you heal and move on to a happier chapter in your life.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a trained post-abortion peer counselor. All calls, emails, and counseling are free and confidential.You can take the first step on your healing journey today.