Our Commitment To You

The Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre is dedicated to serving and supporting women struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. Women can count on practical support and non-judgmental care from us during this difficult time.
Our Commitment to You
  1. You are always welcome here.
  2. Our care for you will show in our words and in random acts of kindness.
  3. All your concerns and questions will be answered openly and honestly.
  4. We’re careful to follow all laws applied to offering free pregnancy tests.
  5. Your visit will be strictly confidential, between you and us. (The only exception, required by law, is when you or someone else needs protection.)
  6. Information offered on pregnancy options, fetal development, abortion procedures and risks, lifestyle issues or related concerns, will always be accurate.
  7. All of our advertising is accurate and truthful, and we’re honest about who we are and what we offer.
  8. One thing we don’t do is offer or recommend for abortions.
  9. Every staff-member and volunteer is well-trained to uphold these high standards